We believe that enjoyment of food is hugely important to our residents. We work hard to provide food which is appealing, nutritious and appropriate. Almost all of our ingredients are fresh and where possible, locally sourced, as part of our commitment to local communities.

Our chefs meet with each new resident to understand their personal preferences and any issues including allergies, textures, fortifying needs, etc. Working with our dietician and speech and language therapists and the care team, we devise attractive ways to produce food which is textured appropriately (e.g. pureed) and presented in an interesting way so that it both looks, smells and feels appetising and is appropriate for each individual.

We cater for all food needs including regional/cultural and religious preferences as well as individual choice and special requirements, including Peg feeding. Residents can have very different requirements around portions (large/small) and number of meals and we devise individual menu plans to fit in with their needs and, due to our layout, we can accommodate group or individual dining, depending on resident’s preferences.

We particularly enjoy celebrating with our residents – birthdays, anniversaries or cultural days (St Patrick’s Day, Indian or Spanish week, etc.). Friends and family often come for parties or join us at summer BBQs and private catering is available for a very nominal sum.

Among the many awards PJ Care has won over the years, we are particularly proud to have been awarded the Northants Heartbeat Award by Northamptonshire in recognition of our excellent culinary standards. 

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