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From First Women Awards winner to championing female leaders in Milton Keynes

Women may have made great progress towards equality with men, but social attitudes have changed more slowly. As such, we talked to PJ Care founder Jan Flawn, who hopes to instil confidence and garner support for women on a local level in Milton Keynes.

Half a century since women first forced open the boardroom doors, their career trajectories still look different compared to those of their male counterparts. Of course, some have suggested that maternal instincts contribute to a complex emotional tug between home and work, while other observers point to cultural and institutional barriers to female success. However, failure to break the glass ceiling can arguably also be attributed to a lack of confidence.

Indeed, while raw statistics tell a story of female advancement, most talented businesswomen still find themselves living down to expectations. As such, their aspirations for top leadership roles, and their confidence in attaining such roles, drop early in their careers and often times never recover.

This was voiced in an article for the Huffington Post by Jan Flawn, founder of neurological care provider PJ Care, who suggested that even the most self-assured entrepreneurs sometimes have a crisis of confidence. “So it can be a real affirmation of your talents when a jury of your peers decides you are worthy of an award,” she said....

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