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P J Care Sponsor Study Day On Rarer Neurological Conditions: Mnd, Psp, Hd and Msa

P J Care is proud to both host and sponsor a neurological study day at their offices in Sherwood Drive, Milton Keynes on Thursday October 6th, 2016.


The event organised by Neurological Conditions Clinical Specialist, Anna Kent, aims to provide an overview of MND, PSP, HD and MSA, to update and enhance the knowledge and understanding of these conditions as well as the problems faced by people living with these conditions and their families.


Motor Neuron Disease (MND), Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP), Huntington's Disease and Mutiple Systems Atrophy (MSA) are rare, degenerative and incurable neurological conditions affecting small numbers of the population, however the care required for people affected by these conditions is often complex and multi-faceted.


In addition, the study day will address the difficulties in diagnosing these conditions and the role advance care planning and end of life care planning plays in the management of these disorders.


Speakers on the day include: Dr Richard Butterworth, Consultant Neurologist, Sue Hill Huntington's Disease Association; Scott Maloney, MND Association; Samantha Pavey, Multiple System Atrophy Trust; Jan Wilderspin, PSP Association.


In offering to support this event, Neil Russell, Executive Chairman said: "We actively support this study day and its discussions around diagnosis and care planning on the rarer neurological conditions. It is a subject that is very closely aligned to what we strive to achieve at our specialist neurological care facilities.


"Everything we do is about the resident and catering for their specialist needs, and not just their condition, as well as their family. It is refreshing to see that at least there is an understanding that these conditions are complex to manage and require a more personalised approach to their care".