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PJ Care Star Awards 2015

It's time to recognise the true stars of PJ Care, those individual or teams that have made a difference to residents, the business or othe PJ Care family members. Nominations were welcomed from colleagues, residents and their visitors or families.

The winners of each category will be announced at a special award ceremony in April. Nominees will be treated to a special day followed by a fantastic evening surrounded by their colleagues and guests. Each winner and their guests will then be invited to stay at the resort and be treated to breakfast the following morning.

The categories and nominees are:

Nurse of the Year                                                       

Bincy Antony

Charlotte Little

Artemis Militsi

Micheala Wright


Leader of the Year

Alice Kgobe

Sophie Rawson

Anna Lesniak

Lisa Dunbar


Carer of the Year

Daiva Edninkiene

Jo Hinch

Laura Holmes

Show Nyarungwe

Business Support Worker of the Year

Daria Drygas

Pam O'Connell

Gail Stevens

Sue Watson


Support Services Worker of the Year

Kim Broadbent

Sandra Higgins

Suphawan Saul

Amir Talab


Team of the Year

Bluebirds Care Team

Oakley Care Team

Training Team

Watling Care Team


Outstanding Contribution

Anna Lesniak

Sophie Rawson

Linda Germano

Ali Jones

Micheala Wright


Rising Star

Charley Christo

Jess Willis

Jill Walduck

Michelle Whitehouse


Good luck to everyone nominated!