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Reassembled Captured In Time - By Jule Corry

Reassembled Captured In Time – A unique exhibition from former resident Jules Corry in Peterborough


Former resident, PJ Care supporter and professional photographer, Jules Corry, is creating an exhibition of his photographs which will be on display at the Peterborough Museum. The pictures chart his rehabilitation journey following a serious road traffic accident. His exhibition runs alongside the performances of ‘Reassembled Slightly Askew’ produced by Shannon Yee.


In 2008 Shannon Yee became critically ill with a very rare brain infection which led to several life-saving surgeries, years of rehabilitation and reintegration back into society with a hidden disability.  During recovery Shannon conceived the idea of sharing her story through a theatre piece, and doing so in a pioneering way with her neurosurgeon, head injury nurse, and leading sound, theatre and movement artists.  


The result of this partnership is a ground breaking theatrical experience where audience members lie in a hospital bed, wearing an eye mask and headphones and hear the thoughts of the patient, the sounds and voices Shannon heard as she went on her journey toward reassembling her life.


Alongside Shannon’s production, Jules presents a unique insight into his world following a life-threatening road traffic accident through pictures he has taken that responds to the themes of Reassembled.  His photographs explore, through a series of self-portraits, where he is with his rehabilitation, both in everyday life and the daily journey of recovery.  The Capture In Time Exhibition will be in Peterborough City Gallery between Fri 10 – Sun 12 March, 10am-4pm, and is free to visit.